A valid contract requires voluntary offer, acceptance, and consideration Robert Higgs, Economist
Major claim for a Japanese Client – Refinery in Middle East
The claim was prepared in association with a major US claim consultant. Main services provided were:
  • Claim strategy and structure
  • Cost estimate and evidences
  • Claim write up
Status: successfully concluded with a major award
Contract Management for a Japanese company on a Middle East Project
The company is a major LSTK Contractor. Main activities:
  • Contract review
  • Contract management plan
  • Letters
  • Reserves
  • Variation requests
  • Periodic project assessments and reviews
Status: ongoing
Claim Management for an Italian Company for a Project in India
The claim is against a major Vendor and Manufacturer. Main activities:
  • Project history review
  • Position documents
  • Main claim strategy
  • Claim write up
  • Cost estimate coordination
Status: ongoing
Claim Management for a Japanese Company for a Project in North Africa
The activity is a claim defence against the Project Owner. Main activities:
  • Overall Claim strategy and directives
  • Position papers on various contentious issues
  • Strategy for the resolution of various contentious issues
  • Provision of technical expertise as required
Status: ongoing
Claim Management for a German Company for a Project in Italy
The Project is a power plant revamping
The activity is a claim against the Project Owner, under the Italian Public Work Law. Main activities:
  • Advice on claim feasibility through an Expert
  • Claim strategy
  • Preparation of the claim file
Status: ongoing
Master Service Agreement for a Japanese Company
The contract is for call off services in the field of Contract Management, Claim Management, Arbitration
Duration: two years
Status: ongoing



Contract management

Project management

Commercial management

Energy management


  • Public courses
  • In-house courses
  • Co-operation with Universities

Ongoing Contract Management bi-quarterly course at LUISS Business School, Roma. Four editions delivered so far

Master in Energy Management for LUISS Business School, Roma

Nine day International Commercial Management Programme, successfully delivered to a Client in Italy

Over 110 days of courses successfully delivered.

Project Management

Project Management Services

Temporary management

2012-2013: Client Gazprom Neftechim Salavat (GNS).

We were entrusted by GNS to lead and coordinate the activities of the Legal Advisors (Linklater London), Advising Bank (ING) and Prospective EPC Contractor (Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, MHI) to finalize the EPC Contract relevant to the implementation of an Acrylic Acid Complex in Salavat, Bashkortostan, Russian Federation, in the framework of a Project Financing Scheme involving Russian and Japanese financing.

Our Services included:

Cost verification of EPC Contract Price

Leading the contract negotiations between GNS and MHI

Verification of all the Contract Documents for consistency with the other Project Financing Documentation

Project Management services after Contract signature up to December 2013

Project Set-up

Commercial consultancy

Assistance to the sales cycle

Business set up

Contract negotiations

Setting up a non recourse Project Financing scheme for a 512 MW Integrated GasifIcation Combined Cycle (IGCC) Project in Sicily. Full contract negotiation

Setting up of a limited recourse project financing scheme for a 400 MW combined cycle project in Voghera, Italy

Opening and managing a commercial branch in Abu Dhabi for a medium size Italy based engineering company

Opening a commercial branch in Abu Dhabi for an Italy based Technology Licensor

For investors

Due diligence

Merger & Acquisition

Non hostile takeover of a medium size company on behalf of a Saudi client. Closing in January 2012. Post closing management of the company (still ongoing)

Non hostile takeover of a medium size company on behalf of a Japanese client. Closing in 2013. No post closing management required by Client

Quoting of a major Italian EPC Contractor on the Milano stock exchange

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