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Why did you create Keyst1 Contract Services?

Keyst1 Contract Services is a tool to make experience and contacts of the parent companies readily available to Customers. It allows swift and flexible answers, and a higher volume of fire than the two parent companies could offer on their own.

What does Keyst1 Contract Services do?

The company deals with:
• Contract Management
• Claim Management
• Arbitration assistance
• Project Management in general
• Merge & Acquisition
• Commercial consultancy, assistance to the sales cycle, negotiation and contracting
• Formation in all these fields

What do you mean by Contract Management?

By the phrase Contract Management we mean those activities finalized to careful management of a contract. In particular we refer to the management of potentially conflictive issues, keeping an eye on commercial and contractual aspects, as well as correspondence, managing answers in a consistent manner, in coordination with the Client. More ideas

Is a contract managed in this way more conflictive?

Not at all. Contract Management per se does not raise the level of conflictiveness, but rather allows keeping the guard raised and reduce chances of conflict situations. A carefully managed correspondence can become the basis of an action to recover extra costs, or defend against requests of the counterpart if and when the situation turns sour.

Does Keyst1 Contract Services operate on its own?

No, although it is a small company, Keyst1 Contract Services avails itself of a network of consultants of proven experience.

Does the Company have an experience in these fields?

The company was only recently incorporated (February 2016) but counts on the long personal experience of the individuals who own and manage it. In this sense there is a previous experience dating at least five years back in the specific field, and forty plus in the industry in general.

Can you give us an idea of the direct experience of the people who manage the company?

Please have a look at the Career Summaries of Enzo Caetani and Giancarlo Cotone at this Page More

What contacts can we use for information or requests?

We will be glad to answer your questions at the contacts indicated below:
For Enzo Caetani:, or by phone at +393459617971
For Giancarlo Cotone: or by phone at +393317592950