ENZO CaetaniPresident

Born in 1952, Graduated in Chemical Engineering in 1975, Master in Advanced Technologies 1976. 34 years experience in Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power and infrastructures Engineering & Construction.

Main positions covered during the career:

Chairman ECI (European Construction Institute - Italian section)

Deputy Chairman Gicotecnica s.r.l.

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors - Tecnimont SpA

Managing Director - Tecnimont SpA

Operation Director - Snamprogetti SpA

Chemical, Petrochemical & Fertilizers BU Director - Snamprogetti SpA

Power & Environment BU Director - Snamprogetti SpA

Oil & Gas Commercial Director - Snamprogetti SpA

Chairman and CEO - E&M Services

Managing Director SnamprogettiSud SpA


Luiss University Business School (Rome)

Qualified Testimonial ENI Project Managers training courses

Member of the Board:

Snamprogetti Ltd (UK),

Fertinitro SA (Venezuela),

Sofregaz (France),

Tecnimont Arabia Ltd (Saudi Arabia),

SGI (Italy),

Tecnimont ICB (India)

Holds one patent in LNG


Paper for LNG V Congress - Kyoto (Japan)